The Benefits of Yoga for Kids

We might believe that yoga is for adults, but there are many reasons why you should think of yoga for your children.

Unfortunately, our children experience a frenetic life from their early age: busy parents, week-end shopping with the family, school, timetables, after-school activities, challenging video games…They might be very happy about that too but at the end of such a busy day, they are stressed and tired.

Yoga can help against this pressure thanks to the yoga techniques they learn. Yoga not only teaches you relaxation and inner fulfillment, but it can also help children to develop self-esteem and body awareness.

Taking the Practice Home

Planning to teach yoga to kids using video courses is a great idea, but first, there are a few general things that you need to know. As a parent you probably know that kids love to move and that it is hard to hold their attention for too long. That might be an obstacle for getting the benefits of yoga (stillness, balance, flexibility, focus, peace, grace, connection, health, and well-being.), but Yoga for children is different: in order to make it fun, we give them the possibility to include motion and talking.

Discovering the world on their own is an important step for children, and to tell them continuously that they should think harder, do something better, or be what we want them to be, just because we think it’s good for them, is definitely not what’s best. Giving them love and a creative and responsive environment is definitely more productive.

Try not to be a teacher, but a guide by opening your heart and letting them guide you too. The children would not ask better than to show you the amazing beautiful world they live in. They want you to discover it with them, and if you help them, you will see that you will both learn and teach each other, reciprocally, giving you an opportunity to create, express yourself, and grow together.

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