Activities Improves the Children’s skills

How activities such as digital content reading, playing and e-learning stimulate your preschooler's mind.

It’s impossible to say whether your kid is going to be a genius or not, but what is certain is that some activities can stimulate their knowledge and skills. Babies have the innate capacity of learning new things every day in order to grow faster and to know all that they need to become more and more independent every day.

When kids grow up, this capacity decreases and therefore, between ages 2 and 5, you need to stimulate them and their brain in a different way.

At that age, kids are very receptive to their environment. They try out new techniques, like solving problem through finding a solutions and discussing with the adults around them. They love to negotiate and to experiment because it’s their way to see how things and people interact with them. They also discover the abilities of their body to do simple things like kicking a ball.

Therefore, Kids should be out there exploring and getting ready for the next important step: going to school.

One-on-One Time

In parallel with this way to independence, there is the importance of interacting with the people who are the closest: their parents, and parents should be aware of that and offer them new ways of stimulating their brain. Dialogue and the spoken language are very important of course, but in a world that is more and more technological, parents can include visual fun and educational material.

Reading or Watching Videos Together

Lots of parents forget the importance of reading together with their kids. This is not just a way to have a quality “face time” with your child but it is also critical for boosting their brain power.

Studies show that reading the books with your preschooler improves early literacy, and it helps them to develop their language and vocabulary skills for the future, the ability to discuss about wide subjects and better understanding. Most child psychologists agree that reading helps kids sharpen the language and vocabulary, and sparks discussions with the parent that promote a better understanding.

There are lots of books for preschoolers which teach them counting or the ABC, the names of different things, sorting and matching, all in a fun way but you must remember that in a world that’s more and more technological, it’s smart to include videos to that learning process.

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