Art for Kids

This course focuses on how kids learn to draw and paint with watercolors. Going through a set of simple art lessons designed especially for kids and beginners - for ages 6-10.

Class Activities


  • Students will need a computer, tablet, or smart phone, and an internet connection.
  • Students will need a printer (optional, to print drawing exercises).
  • Materials and Supplies needed for this course: Watercolor paper, Watercolor paints, Paintbrush, Permanent, Marker, Pencil with eraser, Crayons, Markers, Salt, Paper towel, Paper plate (to hold salt), Cup of clean water


  • Over 20 lectures
  • Create 8 magnificent watercolor paintings.

Target Audience:

  • This is a beginning drawing and watercolor painting course designed for ages 6-10.
  • No drawing or painting experience necessary.

Course Syllabus

Course fee:

99 GBP per 90-day

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